Victoria, British Columbia

Help Feral Cats

If you have a feral or untouchable cat on your property please do not just ignore it.   It is VERY important that feral cats get spayed and neutered as soon as possible.  One unsprayed female cat with all her offspring can produce 42000 kittens without human intervention over a 7 year period.  
Please contact the numbers below for help !
For “Tame and adoptable” Cats call The following organizations

  • Oak Bay or Victoria Area Victoria Animal Control     250-414-0233
  • Saanich Call Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund 250-896-5771
  • Everywhere else in the Capital Regional District  250-658-5745

Sick or Injured Animals:
Does the animal seem in distress in any way   e.g. injured, breathing heavy, and in an unsafe situation right now or immediate danger?
Call the Victoria SPCA – they care for animals who are injured or deceased  from all municipalities 250-388-7722
If this is a feral and untouchable cat please call
Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund    250-896-5771


If you see Feral Kittens
It is important to trap feral kittens, and whenever possible, foster and socialize them until they are old enough to be adopted out. Once born, they struggle to survive.  Their mortality rate is very high because of all the challenges of life outside on the streets.
Many wild cats give birth to kittens in the greater Victoria area. Most of these kittens are not found or seen by humans until they are 5 to 6 weeks of age.
Although this age is very young for kittens to be away from their mother, we recommend that these kittens should be rescued by humans as soon as possible .   We do this because wild mom cats will teach their kittens to be wild.   If we intervene at a young age we can completely rehabilitate feral cats to live with humans.   Feral cats have an extremely difficult life.   On average, feral cats live less than two years due to starvation, disease or accident.
If you find kittens outside, no matter what age they are,  please try and catch them so they can be tamed.    You may find them in your compost bin, or in a wood pile or under your deck.   Please try and catch them even if they are very small.    As well keep an eye out for Mom cat, as she will need to be trapped and fixed.
If you have kittens or a feral cat that needs to be fixed please.
Call Dee’s Orphan Kitten fund ASAP at 250-896-5771.
Flow chart to Help Feral Cats :  find a cat or kittens