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How to cheat on Ingress (or: sorry Niantic, i cheated)

by tapion · gennaio 28, 2014

Maybe it's not at all clear enough in this posting i really wish to explain more. Yes . i develop tools resistant to the TOS. Many of these tools are employed by many agents worldwide and they also make possible those beautiful report that the thing is on Ingress Report. This tools makes mafia wars better and they also will not disrespect nobody, when spoofing and achieving multiple accounts instead does. This behavior includes but just isn't on a scraping from the game API endpoints. Many tools, instead, isn't going to violate the TOS in any respect. Yes . i actually do hate and disdain who makes GPS spoofing and who stores items on multiple account as this makes the game worse. Yes, i really do imagine that developing software to govern data to make this platforms on the market to other agents they make the bingo better . and allows agents to possess more enjoyable organizing bigger plus more complex operations, evidently this goes up against the TOS.

If you don't appreciate buying and selling domains play, PLEASE report me. You is capable of doing that here:

After that, an advanced honest person, please leave a comment below telling us how we are violating the TOS.

I removed the guide with this article. My point ended up being show how easy anybody can spoof in the bingo and enquire of Niantic for changes. This article got, up to now, over 150k hits. Niantic never answered nothing, not a soul contacted me, this approach still works and after a lot more than one year, his or her added some ridiculous protections inside backend. So i seen that my aim was useless and after this i’m removing the following information. If you love mafia wars, as i truly do, please stop spoofing.

A strange game. The only winning move is just not to experiment with. How about an excellent game of chess?

Sorry Niantic, i cheated.

Spoofing location in Ingress is absolutely not that hard. Since i started to experiment with the bingo, which i played cleanly, but i just begun to see many installments of GPS spoofing around me.

It is quite bad whenever a pl ayer drives for kilometers and kilometers to get a field simply to find it destroyed by way of a cheater after little bit.

So i chose to begin with an experiment to learn how easy is usually to cheat and also to test the security mechanisms implemented through your servers. I discovered that one can cheat without difficulty and without needs of technical knowledge.

So let’s find out how to cheat in Ingress:

I believe Ingress is indeed a revolution, the latest, brilliant indisputable fact that linked reality for the virtual one. Ingress started new forms of social phenomena, making nerds leaving the houses and goes within the streets, talking each others and collaborating for your team. Ingress made a great deal of new relationship and real friendships, even between “enemies”. What i similar to of the game is that it pushes you to meet to actually enjoy. This is great .

But then comes the unhealthy aspects..

I really like computer science, and that i know well that it form of software require to trust the clients. There isn't a escape: it’s the ball player that communicates it’s own location, the server is only able to trust him you aren't. But there is much the server is capable of doing to know if this can trust anyone position or you cannot. It is an issue that every programmer are able to do, and definitely Google has got the resources making it.

You could avoid the advance of second accounts by verifying new users and devices having an SMS. This simple shrewdness would have prevented me from cheating and publishing this post. You could confirm the accelerometer and also the compass to ascertain if options are static or they're moving. You could confirm the IP in the client and restrict his playground not in the own city, but at the least his region or country. You could find out if the GSM cell matches the provided GPS position. You could verify that the WIFI networks matches the provided position. You could make an effort to associate user’s speed along with his transport. You could see if anyone is planning a line, through walls and buildings or he or she is following your shape with the streets.

These are only a few recommendations that stumbled on my thoughts inside a matter of minutes. They won’t make impossible to still fake the place, but surely it could be tougher.

One thing that surely don’t prevent cheating, is security through obscurity . I can’t believe in 2014 someone still believes this bad practice can certainly help to create a system safer.

Open the foundation from the game, publish it which has a Free Software license. Build a public API to reach game data, trough well controlled API keys. The game are going to be better, like IITC is absolutely really much better than the typical INTEL.

The purpose in this post would be to ask you, Niantic, to perform more against cheaters. Every one sees that something more is possible every one is aware that Google gets the power to perform it. So, please . undertake it.

Ingress (iPod/iPhone)


General strategies

The small triangle is the current location, as you move the yellow circle that surrounds it is the scan range. The small glowing orbs are Exotic Matter (XM). Your current XM reserve is represented by the bar above your business. It is increased by permitting an XM particle as part of your scan range.

Your primary goal should be to collect XM. Deploy Resonators to generate a new portals. Line those portals together to build up fields then hack the friendly portals for rewards. To work towards this goal, occurs blasters to fight and destroy other faction's portals. After they may be pinned down, you'll be able to steal them for your own personel faction.


You cannot switch from your Enlightened to Resistance factions or the other way around without re-installing the experience. However, should you have connected the sport to Facebook, you'll be able to go on the device menu, sign out, then signing in within a username to decide on the opposite faction. hfipe arot cglc


Portals are large glowing crystal formations and possess three varieties: blue, green, or grey. When of the Resistance will probably be blue, and green with the Enlightened. Neutral portals are grey. When you hack a portal, you'll receive XM along with items and weapons. When you make an effort to hack an opposing portal, it's going to fight and drain some XM if you are in range. Once you start hacking one of these simple portals, immediately try to escape to preserve your XM.

Use eXotic Matter Pulses (XMPs) to fireside upon enemy portals within scan range. This disrupts enemy control from the portal and allows nearly claim it for your own personel faction by deploying a Resonator. The higher-level with the Resonator, the greater XM produced and much more difficult it'll be for your portal to adopt down. You could only place resonators nearly your own private level. Portals can offer around a maximum of eight resonators.

You can link portals together, using considerable amounts of XM. Start by equipping a portal with eight resonators. Recharge all resonators to maximum capacity by tapping the "Recharge" button and spending XM. Then, hack the fully charged portal for getting its unique Portal Key. After it's within your inventory, turn to another portal to link with it. Equip the newest portal with eight resonators and fully charge them. Then, tap the "Link" button and select the initial portal. Note: The higher-level resonators utilized, the farther the connection can be. Additionally, links cannot intersect and may banned if their resonators deplete all of your power or are attacked.

The best approach to advance should be to blast other portals, setup your personal portals, and develop links at their store. When you acquire friendly portals, you'll earn items from their store. You will a greater portion of an edge from attacking other portals than defending your individual.

When attacking enemy portals, stand as close as you can for many years. When you use an XMP attack, getaway wave will show up who are around you inside your scanner range. Because a portal's resonators surround it, the closer you happen to be on the portal greater resonators you may hit, maximizing your damage.

Because portals need eight fully charged resonators to be able to link properly, destroy only 1 resonator using a portal. This will useful resources while preventing the enemy from establishing one of the links.

XM Fields

XM Fields are designed by linking three portals together in a very triangle formation. This will develop a protective field is going to be established.


The most commonly encountered XMP type could be the Burster. Use them for general capturing and attacking.

Save Ultra Strikes for targets which need a lot of harm. Although Ultra Strikes use a smaller blast range than Bursters, they certainly more damage.

Power Cubes are crystallized XM formations. They might be used whenever to revive your XM supply. The level 1 version contain 1,000 XM.

Mods give bonus effects for a portals. Some of these are as follows. A single agent are only able to equip a unique portal with two mods. Another agent have to fill the 2 remaining slots. Certain mods should have a reduced amount of an impression if stacked sticking with the same type.

Portal Shield . Increases the defense within your portal as well as its resonators (Common +30% damage mitigation, Rare +40%, Very Rare +60%). A portals damage mitigation also increases when linked with other portals, approximately 95%. You can stack Portal Shield mods to raise their total effect.

Link Amplifier . Increases the portal's link range.

Multi-hack . Increases the quantity of times a broker can hack the portal before it goes into cooldown.


Recycle unneeded items, for example media collectibles, to acquire XM.

Developed under Google Inc. Ingress that after taken very good on Android is currently on the market to use on iOS. In mafia wars you might go through the rush of alternate-reality hacking game since you need to handle bizarre routes around cities and meeting on top of different portal collections under both the main factions: Enlightened and Resistance. Just like how players dominated the bingo on Android we'd like and also to share for you some cheats and guides that it is possible to use to experiment with the action effectively for iOS.

1. Switching Factions. For those who are asking how they could switch factions from Enlightened to Resistance or vice-versa, of having for you to perform it should be to delete Ingress and after that re-install it so it is possible to generate a new account through your same device for Ingress. When your game is integrated on social networking, you may go towards the device menu and after that you'll be able to sign out and re-sign in under different username. Learning both resistance let you go through different perspectives in game. For me it's better to experience the experience using both resistance than picking with just one. Just provide two different are the reason for it.

2. Focus on your objectives. Your primary goals here would be to collect XMP, deploy resonators so you may build a new portals then line those portals together thus it can get fields and lastly hack the friendly portals for goodies. In working with this goal, you'll be able to make use of your blasters to fight and destroy other faction’s portals and after they're pinned down, you are able to steal them for your own personel faction.

3. Geolocation cheat. If you have inside your mind to cheat by manipulating your geolocation, you will need to bare this approaches to look as natural so you'll not get banned on the game. This game is published by Google so expect you will want to keep everything fine in any other case would you use any Ingress cheats anymore so you are able to take it easy. But then, all people have their very own option when you chose to spoof, just go into by far the most crowded city center so that it is possible to barely even need to move along with you'll encounter massive portal farms to discover.

4. Blasting other portals. There isn't a other way to experience mafia wars effectively instead of blast other portals and setup your individual portals and develop links from their store. Keep in mind that after you acquire those friendly portals, you might earn items from their site. It is battle of attacking other players as opposed to defending. You are certain to get much advantage from attacking other portals than defending it so you will need to understand that still offense will be the best defense. As possible, you should blast other portals and obtain this when your assets.

5. Team with friends. Just like with social games, you'll need to learn Ingress with friends so you might get the upperhand from that. With your friends, you may play like a driver and and allow them to as being a player or vice-versa. You can also consider the bust and other vehicle and ride around your city while you collect XMP and do your interest against the opponent.

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Since it is a while since a few of these pages have already been updated we've begun undergoing and updating all pages and posts on our site with additional as much as date and accurate information. The first page we updated was the page on Creating a Portal in Ingress. Here are a list from the updates we made:

Updated the leading page with all the the knowledge that currently you can not make any new submissions for Portals. As of September 2015 there exists a temporary suspension on new portal submissions since they still process and appraise the backlog of current submissions.

You won't understand the NEW PORTAL option when long pressing for the Scanner.

There isn't any date set currently when submissions will open support.

We launched a new Portal Criteria page with additional home elevators ideal portal locations including:

A location that has a cool story

A put in place history or has educational value

A cool portray or unique architecture

A hidden gem or hyper-local spot

Public libraries

Public church buildings

The Portal Criteria page includes some Portal DON’TS when coming up with a portal:

Locations with NO safe pedestrian access

People, limbs, live animals – Just tend not to

Natural features (rivers, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, etc.) – This does NOT include plaques or signs near natural features

Candidates that are NOT permanent – including seasonal displays

Please will not submit photos which you wouldn't take yourself (pulled from your other source)

No private home – including farms

Do NOT affect fire stations, police stations, or hospitals

No primary or secondary schools

Finally we introduced another new page for Tips and Tricks on setting up a portal in Ingress. Some of these Tips include:

Provide an in depth title

Provide an explanation that accurately represents the portal and explains why it's a good location

Take a transparent photo

Ensure the placement is correct

Hopefully you discover these details helpful when designing a portal in ingress.

So as promised we have found the revolutionary poll to exchange the poll from recently. Keeping sticking with the same intended theme you want to now determine what was your preferred a part of Ingress from playing not too long ago?

Was it attending anomalies, following storyline, attending local events, the neighborhood community or simply playing the overall game? Whatever it had been we would like to know!

You can vote below or for the right side associated with a page around the website. Continue reading »

For the majority from the year, as a result of without needing the poll updated we’ve been running a similar poll. That poll asks one easy question, what do you most need combined with Ingress?

Well allow me to share the outcomes:

Ingress Cheats

With any game, there are always going for being people who encounter exploits, whether unintentionally or else. Google can just do it much, as it can be unlikely a sport with this size may be entirely server-side based. Granted we're in a very state of beta testing, could that; however, these materials be capable of wildly unbalance the overall game or even corrected quickly.

As of the post, we have already been in a position to replicate the subsequent [clearly unfair] actions:

1) GPS Spoofing. User is in a position to position their scanner/self anywhere that like. (** rooted devices)

2) Location Spoofing. A user can position themselves anywhere within the immediate scanner map.

3) Portal Resources. A hack technique is usually used to gather additional resources.

4) Unlimited XMP. A technique might be used to allow the consumer to utilize any XMP they've got as much because they want.

5) Unlimited Resonators. A trick for deployment could be used to offer anyone resonators without depletion.

6) Remote Hacking. One can hack a portal without having to be in range.


GPS or Location hacking really should be easier than you think to avoid by just calculating the pace involving the locations to the last a day.

Teleportation is detected when someone moves “too fast” or “too much”

So how do I report this if I feel it has happened? Say if I saw someone receive and area and destroy 18 portals to make all of them level 4 in the short time period? Does Ingress hold the tools to seem and discover if this type of person cheated?

Trust me,isn’t a cheat: more impressive range player can destroy a portal in 2minutes,shooting xmp chain mode (shooting xmp level 4quick i destroyed a quantity 5 portal in 2min). AND TRUST ME (it) you CAN’T upgrade a portal to level 4 with hacking…is achievable deploy only level 1 resonator with mock hack.

Cheats & Hints for iPhone iPod Ingress - Home

Factions You cannot switch in the Enlightened to Resistance factions or the other way around without re-installing the experience. However, for those who have connected the sport to Facebook, it is possible to go for the device menu, sign out, then signing in with a username to decide on the opposite faction.

Various strategies The small triangle can be your current location, even though the yellow circle that surrounds it is the best scan range. The small glowing orbs are Exotic Matter (XM). Your current XM reserve is represented by the bar above your business. It is increased by obtaining an XM particle as part of your scan range.

Your primary goal is usually to collect XM. Deploy Resonators to produce a new portals. Line those portals together to cultivate fields then hack the friendly portals for rewards. To work towards this goal, takes place blasters to address and destroy other faction's portals. After they may be pinned down, it is possible to steal them for your own personal faction.

XM Recycle unneeded items, for example media collectibles, to acquire XM.

XM Fields XM Fields are manufactured by linking three portals together inside a triangle formation. This will make a protective field will likely be established.

Ingress Cheats for iPhone - iPad

If you already know cheats, secrets, hints, glitches or some other level guides for the game that can assist others leveling up, then please Submit your Cheats and share your insights and experience for some other gamers.

Stuck in farmville? Set a unique, clearly defined question and let other gamers answer your question or view strategies to previously asked questions. If you think you happen to be an expert then please seek to help others using their questions.

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Ingress превращает окружающие улицы, дома и памятники в декорации для игры планетарного масштаба. На кону будущее цивилизации. Пора определяться, на чьей вы стороне.

Пока в ЦЕРНе гонялись за бозоном Хиггса, группа исследователей во Франции открыла новую загадочную энергию. Однако ученые не до конца понимают ее силу и природу. Тем не менее, авторы открытия считают, что эта энергия способна изменять наш способ мышления. Поэтому мы должны подчинить ее быстрее, чем она подчинит нас.

Просвещенные стремятся овладеть новой силой.

Сопротивление, напротив, желает оградить человечество от угрозы извне.

Установите Ingress и определите судьбу мира. Место действия – планета Земля Приложение Ingress, установленное на Android-устройство, укажет вам путь к источникам загадочной энергии, где бы вы ни находились. Добывайте полезные артефакты и используйте их для захвата территории.

Координируйте свои действия с коллегами по фракции – просвещенными или сопротивленцами – чтобы вместе прийти к победе. Битва стратегов Борьба за территорию ведется по всему миру. Поэтому крайне важно отслеживать успехи других игроков на карте и тщательно планировать свои действия вместе с товарищами по фракции.

Что известно о проекте Niantic? Некоторым кажется, что это всего лишь игра в игре. Как бы там ни было, на сайте Бюро расследований ( полно зашифрованных подсказок и секретных кодов. Каждый день открываются новые обстоятельства: зловещие секреты, высокие технологии и тайные интриги.

Альянсы – ключ к победе Вся планета втянута в конфликт, и сплоченным группам намного легче бороться, чем героям-одиночкам. Объединяйтесь с жителями соседних кварталов, городов и стран, чтобы отстоять свое право на победу.

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This world near you will not be exactly what it seems. Our future is a stake, and you have to opt for a side. A mysterious energy is unearthed with a team of scientists in Europe. The origin and purpose in this force is unknown, but a majority of researchers believe it's influencing the best way we feel. We must deal with it or it is going to control us.

"The Enlightened" try to embrace the facility this energy may bestow here.

"The Resistance" find it hard to defend, and protect what's left in our humanity.

Install Ingress and transform your world.

Release Date . November 15, 2012

The World would be the Game -- Move through reality utilizing your Android device along with the Ingress app to learn and tap sources of the mysterious energy. Acquire objects to aid within your quest, deploy tech to capture territory, and ally to players to advance the cause from the Enlightened or perhaps the Resistance.

Strategy -- The struggle has played out globally. Track the progress of players all over the world, plan your following steps, and contact others employing an Intelligence map.

Form Alliances -- The find it hard to save the globe spans anyone on the planet. Groups of people acting together might be more potent than individuals acting alone. Cooperation across neighborhoods, cities, and countries is going to be was required to obtain the ultimate victory.

Release Date: November 15, 2012

Ingress Hack and Cheats

Ingress Hack will allow you to acquire all In-App purchases free of charge. To hack Ingress you will need just enter Cheat Codes. Below you'll see all cheats that we've to hack Ingress. These Cheats for Ingress creates all iOS and Android devices. Also this Hack works without Jailbreak (JB) or Root. Now you don’t should download any Hack Tools, it is possible to only use our cheats. If you don’t realize how to get into the Cheat Codes inside game Ingress, you might see the hyperlink to instructions below.

This is Cheats for Ingress

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32,000 CMU Pack $19.99 – CJ_b3ZKYJZcou

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90,000 CMU Pack $49.99 – YZ_ywbaLuBv8d

200,000 CMU Pack $99.99 – GC_4P2WMC1kXw

Do you see the LINK to instruction?

Yes: (134,236 Votes)

These Cheat Codes better then Hack Tools because:

You could possibly get free purchases in Ingress;

You don’t should download Ingress Hack Tool;

These cheats conditions all Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone) devices including tablets and it also doesn’t require to get Root or Jailbreak (JB);

No viruses.

Description in the game:

Ingress transforms actuality into your landscape for the global game of mystery, intrigue, and competition.

Our future reaches stake. You must select a side.

A mysterious energy has become unearthed with a team of scientists in Europe. The origin and purpose in this force is unknown, however some researchers believe it's influencing how the world thinks. We must regulate it or it's going to control us.

“The Enlightened” try to embrace the ability that it energy may bestow for us…

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